Promotional Cooperation


We are offering several advertisement options on this site.

Any service is provided "as is" -- we do not guarantee any traffic/clicks/FTD -- you buy it under your complete responsibility and understanding.

List of our Websites in Different Countries

There are ratings and reviews of such countries on our websites:

Argentina Spain Colombia
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Japan Italy Hungary
Netherlands Brazil Sweden
Austria Romania Mexico
Poland Australia Portugal
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Review for Your Casino

Review (200💲) or 6 Reviews ($1000) for different our websites -- we publish the review (provided by you or written by us) of your casino. It does not include SEO links in the article itself but includes JS link to your site for real visitors.

The price includes placement of the ordered review on the website around the year. In addition, we guarantee to edit/update all the information about your brand at least once a month.

Exchange for a backlink -- It is possible to publish the review free of charge in exchange for a dofollow link from your website.

Review example.

(the photo is an example of the link from the review you will receive)

Advertising Block in the Sidebar

The next type of placement is in our sidebar banner. You get a JS link from the banner to your casino. The cost for this type of placement is 500💲 per month, and if you buy for three months, the price will be 1,400💲.

This banner is featured on all pages of our website, making it one of the best types of advertising on our sites!

Sidebar banner example.

(the photo is an example of the link from the sidebar banner you will receive)

Press Releases with Dofollow Link

You can also buy press releases on our websites! These offers are limited to 10 posts per site (this is to prevent our sites from turning into spam resources with thousands of links to external sites).

The cost is 600💲 per year, and a 15% discount if you renew next year (total cost = 510💲). Also, if you buy five or more press releases (from various of our sites) - the price will be 500💲 for 1.

By purchasing this type of placement, you get a promotional post for one year on our site in a separate category, as well as a dofollow link, which qualitatively affects the SEO of your site!

Dofollow Link from Homepage

The next thing we offer is a link from our homepage. You get a quality dofollow link from our homepage for just 2000💲 per year! The offer is limited to just three spots on one of our sites.

This offer also has discount plans, namely 1,800💲 per link if you buy a link from 3 of our sites (5,400💲 total), and if you buy five links, you pay only 1,500💲 per link (7,500💲 total)!

Place in our Rating of the Best Casinos

Position in our rating (prices below) -- we place your casino in all the rating tables through the site.

Position in Our Top🏆 Price for 1 month Price for 3 months (15% discount)
1️⃣ 2000💲 5100💲
2️⃣ 1500💲 3800💲
3️⃣ 1000💲 2500💲
4️⃣ 850💲 2200💲
5️⃣ 750💲 1900💲
6️⃣ 650💲 1600💲
7️⃣ 550💲 1400💲
8️⃣ 450💲 1150💲
9️⃣ 400💲 1000💲
🔟 350💲 900💲
Review example.

(the photo is an example of the link from the our top listing you will receive)

Payment Information and Contacts

We accept USDT TRC20 only with payment in advance.

If you are interested in working with us or have other advertising/cooperation offers, please leave your request in the contact form below or email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.